26 Things I Like, Because It's Almost My Birthday


I like to make lists, here is today’s lists of things I’m happy about today. Feel free to email me your list of things! Obviously it can be as long or as short as you want it to be.

  1. I’m almost done judging the submissions for the Institute for Art & Olfaction’s 2018 Awards! It has been so fun, even though my testing room now smells like the bowels of a Sephora.

  2. Everyone who has pre-ordered my children’s book. Thank you! It makes a big difference.

  3. Making origami cranes and giving them away to people I meet every day after we have a wholesome interaction.

  4. Excellent pens and new notebooks, despite the fact I spend so much time ruminating over what I want in either that the local stationary store clerk makes fun of me. Hater!!!!!

  5. Scrunchies are cool again, says me.

  6. Polaroids instead of surfing Instagram - my Instax fits in my everyday purse, and I bought myself a fresh album so I can fill it with memories this year.

  7. My skincare routine - which I did an instagram story on the other day, and is still viewable on my stories under Top Shelf if you’d like to see.

  8. I am obsessed with this particular house tour.

  9. This story about women’s teeth and color is the best?

  10. I like to listen to this song every time I invoice anybody and/or that check hits. I recommend it. Also, he’s beautiful, which doesn’t hurt.

  11. The fact Madam C.J Walker’s Mansion is turning into a thinktank for women of color entrepreneurs! I’d love to write about it some day when it launches officially.

  12. The world’s oldest village and perfumery was found in Egypt!!! I wanna go see it.

  13. This essay on noses.

  14. Finally remembering the name of one of my favorite poems to recite - I’m Just Rigid Enough, by Alice Notley. Here it is! [I choose words, more words, to cure the tameness, not the / wildness. / I remember everything it isn’t past it’s wild / I’m so constant and have nearly lost myself only seldom, later / But I would have lost it, lost me / Flaming Meteor I was scared of you first / I love this alley, love is recognition / Born in love.]

  15. Realizing that the soundtracks to some of my favorite films, and the inventor of my favorite synthesizer, was a trans woman named Wendy Carlos.

  16. The fact this mug exists. POPOVICH FOREVER (nobody believes I love basketball, because I call it sportball, but I love sportball)

  17. Giving my things away - love 2 annually konmari

  18. My pre-order of The Power (paperback cover) came in! I don’t really have much room for more hardcovers in my life, but I’ve wanted this book since it came out initially.

  19. Discovering the plug-ins Icebox and Library, which have been curbing my impulsive spending on books and stoney TheRealReal purchases. I’m actually a pretty thoughtful spender, but I really should read all my books before I buy anymore, so just borrowing ones I’m curious about from the library (more often than I already do, which I do constantly) has been saving me money.

  20. The new arrivals at Flying Tiger, my favorite place to buy weird junk I never knew I wanted (and they always have the perfect gifts, which I mostly gift to…..me)

  21. It’s almost time for my insurance to let me get new glasses - I think I’ll be getting these, and am stoked about it

  22. New York to Barcelona is less than $300 right now…. whomst going

  23. The iconic scam someone came up with to sell you $185 rocks that you have to scent yourself LOL

  24. Cheap bodega flowers

  25. Store-bought seratonin

  26. This vase by Frank Kerdil. I’m tryna upgrade my objects.

    Ok I have to get back to work for the day but have a sweet weekend sweetie. WE’RE ALIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEE