Ageless Pharrell, Deforestation and L'OREAL, Pandemic Scams and More

just another week in the world.

Hello! For some reason I woke up incredibly early in the mood to write and listen to Imaginary Friend by Tove Lo on infinite loop, so I must subject you, kindly, to a new missive. Here’s some stuff I’ve been thinking about over the past few days:

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope this is good food for thought for you, as well! Feel free to share it. If you’ve got the coins to subscribe, a portion of subscriptions for the next two weeks will be going to Fair Fight, in an effort to help stop voter suppression and aid in the organizing efforts for the Georgia runoff elections. All proceeds from my Depop’s perfume stock will also be going to the same efforts, and free shipping is already activated. Talk to you soon.