Listen: What Beauty Does In Politics

New podcast episode out today.

Hello friends and faithful enemies. The next few days are going to be absolutely buckwild, so I hope this podcast episode keeps you company while you stress clean, poll watch, anxiety clean, and/or blaze it today. We touch on the history of beauty as a political theater, what color theory has to do with beauty, and moments in history where the politics of respectability really made a difference in democracy.

Also, I wrote a long feature for the Beauty Issue of Grow by Gingko, which you can pre-order for $10 and get in December. The entire issue is really beautiful, and the introductory essay by Dean Kissick is online now. If you want an issue but can’t afford it, just e-mail me, and don’t worry about it, ok?

I also wanted to share my plans today so you can crib off my plans if they’d be helpful.

  1. Morning Therapy Session, already done

  2. Afternoon Yoga (I do these videos)

  3. Taking all my vitamins and medications. Right now I’m taking Rhodiola, Ashwaghanda, Vitamin C, a Daily Multi-vitamin. I take Magnesium and Melatonin at night to help sleep, 3 hours before bed as my doctor suggested. If you want to add vitamins to your routine you can take a quiz at Care/of to figure out what would benefit you. I personally have used the service before but stopped because the packaging felt excessive, since every day’s vitamins are individually wrapped in plastic. Maybe this has changed since I used it? Just my experience. Obviously my recommendation is not sponsored; I’m not exactly telling you to sign up for the service LOL

  4. Going to the bodega to buy a lot of no-guilt snackies and baking supplies to stress bake with. I plan on making this Japanese Cheesecake, which is a little elaborate but SOOOO worth it, and trying out this Levain Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe if I have the steam.

  5. Staying off social media for as long as possible. I logged out of Twitter last night and Facebook this morning.

  6. Looking up how to renew my Taiwanese passport…lol

  7. Setting aside PPE supplies and care package materials to walk over to my local mutual aid drop over the next few days, just in case

  8. Pre-rolling myself some indica+mugwort to relax

  9. Taking out my origami paper and bookmarking new origami instructions to try when I’m feeling restless. If you want to try it out for yourself, the paper crane is a relaxing place to start. Easier than that is the origami heart, which I sometimes make as a custom thank-you card. You can make one with any kind of paper and it’s easy for the receiver to unfold to read.

  10. If all else fails, I will be drinking wine and doing a puzzle. I really enjoy the feel and quality of the Ordinary Habit puzzles.

Today I feel pretty calm because I know that the larger ecosystem of events is completely out of control and all I can do is the best I can with the people I love and the resources we can create together. I hope you know that people will always need and appreciate your help, that you will always have opportunities to assist and your capacity to do so will always fluctuate, and that that’s okay. What helps me with my anxiety is to center myself in the things that bring me comfort and peace. I hope you find a calm center today.

Much love,