Please Do Not Mew Yourself Into the Void

beauty roundup for august!!! alert alert!!

Greetings. Here is a compilation of beauty stories I’ve been thinking about lately:

On the return of beauty experiences:

  • In the UK, Elemis is launching a No-Touch Facial.

  • In NYC, Sofie Pavvitt’s studio has been trying out remote-controlled facials in studio! I have been meaning to check her out since Rio (at The Strategist) fawns over her all the time. I don’t think I’m brave enough to get a facial anytime soon, though. Still! If you are! They are available here, and I think the remote-controlled aspect of it is the safest option you can realistically ask for.

  • For body treatments and manicures - Chillhouse Soho is taking appointments again.

  • I personally am still fine with doing at home extractions and using my NuFace Mini. I have not been using it terribly consistently, which is the point of it - but I have still noticed skin tightening! If you have been hemming and hawing over it as your quarantine splurge purchase, I think it’s a worthy one. You can use my referral code for SkinStore and get 25% off. Rakuten also offers 8% cash back on top of that - so you’d save a pretty penny (like, $35?) if you hop through the Rakuten portal and use the code ARABELLE-R2 at checkout. I use the NuFace twice a week. Maybe on a Sunday you spend an hour watching Selling Sunset and doing a long skincare session while judging Davina. I bought mine early into quar with the funds I usually set aside for facials, and it’s been a good replacement. I compared the results using my $20 acupuncture micro current pen to NuFace, and I still think NuFace is better. It electrocutes me less, which is important!

I am preoccupied with the no-touch facial thing because so much of beauty experience is about touch, about intimacy with strangers. I am very grateful my partner is hypervigilant with extracting my nose pores for me. Gross, mundane acts of love are the best kind!

On beauty being fucked as all hell:

  • Unfortunately mewing has now made The New York Times. If you are morbidly fascinated with eugenics as beauty politics and it’s related, undying orthodentistry (is that a word? Probably not.) then this profile is for you! As I have spent the past two months on related research, I immediately blacked out upon reading the opening paragraph, but I think it’s a good profile from my speed-skimming, because every actual professional in the field roasts them mercilessly.

  • One of the books I read recently also had eugenics in it - I won’t spoil it much for you, but Mexican Gothic rules. It’s classic gothic horror set in the Mexican countryside. I listened to it as an audiobook and it was glorious, textural, and well researched in the little details.

  • No surprise, but counterfeit beauty products are on the rise during COVID. Risky business!

  • Related to eugenics in the sense that philanthropies were huge donors for eugenics research throughout the 20th century - surprise - this piece in The Baffler is a good run down on what the writer called “the buffer zone,” or how the non-profit industrial complex fails. Given that many beauty companies also donate to non-profits as a protective barrier from cancellation - it’s worth a read.

Other reads:

And now, for coping mechanisms. . .