Podcast: Talking Beauty with the Dewy Dudes

Yes, hello! I was on The Dewy Dudes beauty podcast this week - you can listen below and on any of your favorite podcast platforms. They’re very sweet and I absolutely ramble, please enjoy. It’s embedded below:

Some of the stuff mentioned:

  • My Book Club, on Bookshop.org - which is basically just a roundup of all the books I mention in this newsletter.

  • On Beauty and Being Just, Elaine Scarry

  • “Fear might get people in the door the first hours, but you’re going to lose them in the twelfth.” - organizer and educator Mariame Kaba [LOL i completely got this quote wrong in the podcast so I am fact checking myself here]

  • GLITS and Beauty2theStreetz, two organizations to donate to


Also, here are some of the news pieces I’ve been thinking about this week:

Anyway - hope you enjoy the podcast and spend some time in the sun today. Much love,