The Beauty News That Has Unhinged Me This Week

I am signing up for driving lessons so I can finally be a Full Adult And Equal Partner on Road Trips, so I think I should get this bumper sticker in preparation:

Some book recommendations for you:

  • Bath Haus: A Thriller by P.J Vernon

  • Mask for Mask by JD Scott - poems about korean spas and cruising! What more could you want, honestly.

  • This excerpt from The Natural Mother of the Child will probably make you want to buy the book, a memoir of non-binary parenthood. And you should! I had the IMMENSE BLESSING of reading this as an ARC while going through the embryo freezing process with my partner, who is also non-binary, and it was pretty much the only source of community we had the entire experience, given we were still in full lockdown and were only leaving the house to go to the doctors or go get groceries. If I hadn’t kept a journal of the process, which we are still going through, I probably would have… I don’t know, animorphed into a single teardrop of loneliness? I don’t know. It’s a really intense process, one I’m not prepared to share right now, but I am so grateful to Krys for writing more trans stories into this space. We sorely need them.

    Ok. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my weekend now. Hope you can do the same. In the mean time, here are my questions for you:

    • What is a particular smell you miss?

    • Do you have a favorite horror movie and if so what is it? Did you watch a lot of horror movies in the past year?

    • Do you have any recurring dreams?