the ocean always wins

Some stuff I’ve written since we last spoke:

Some pieces I’ve enjoyed recently:

It was crucial, she learned, to actually work with the community from the beginning rather than doing all the research behind the scenes and then dropping a report full of government mumbo-jumbo declaring the city doomed.

“Never start a conversation with sea level rise is what we learned. Start the conversation with: ‘What do you care about? What do you want your community to look like?’ ” Lowe said. “We’re asking people to do some really big things, and we need to make sure we’re not asking them to do it all at once.”

  • I’ve been revisiting 17776, which is possibly one of the coolest things on the Internet, across any genre - if you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so! It’s about what football would be like in the future, and even if - especially if - you aren’t a football fan, it’s a really wonderful experimentation with how narrative can work.

  • adrienne maree brown’s post on mentorship is so prescient and useful, i wrote a lot of it down in my journal to return to. in particular:

you will do almost everything you say “i promise to never” do, especially things you promise to never do to someone who loves you. and if you don’t do exactly those things, it may be at great cost to your destiny. it’s in our design, so you’re not above it. promise less. promise to become yourself and nothing less.

your feelings are never more important than revolution. and your feelings are a crucial part of revolution. find the balance and get to work.

find the front lines of humanity inside your own life and system. advance them.

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