Things for You To Read As If They Are a Fine Wine

Seratonin Delivery #2

  • First, listen to this Arthur Russell rare gem of process and delight. “Each step is moving me, moving me up. One tiny, tiny move. It’s all I need…..each step is moving me, moving me up.” (bottomemoji.jpg)

  • An excerpt from Wayne Koestenbaum’s new book is up at TANK Magazine. Wayne’s one of my favorite sweethearts so I pre-ordered it as soon as I read this snippet. If you want a good quarantine-read, the excerpt is a list of twelve assignments to do, and it’s a fun list to go through if you’re bored.

  • My Oversubscribed Life, on Esquire. If you read Jia’s Trick Mirror, this is a good comparison read that continues her conversation on how we’re always optimizing our lives.

  • This piece by Prune restaurant owner Gabrielle Hamilton is beautifully written, though I found out afterwards she’s made some questionable choices. Knowing the context of her life makes me think about the piece different, but it is still brilliantly written.

  • The Recession’s Calling Bullshit on ‘Mission-Driven’ Companies Like Everlane

  • Trauma bonding this fine afternoon? I understand. Check out this DBT toolkit in your down time today. I have found CBT therapy guidelines really helpful in my life but these ones feel even more specific. DBT is specifically “intended to help those who are highly sensitive to their environment, are highly reactive to events, and slow to return to calm.” And reader… that’s meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • On the note of therapy, I wanted to remind you that affordable therapy is available through Open Path Collective, and they have long offered virtual counseling. Sessions cost between $30-80 and a lifetime membership is $59.

  • Loving this piece: It’s Time to Take California Back from Joan Didion

  • I think this short piece on Mapping Our Social Change Roles is good for for thought. Where do you fit into the process?

  • On that note, if you haven’t read Donella Meadows’ Places to Intervene in a System, it’s amazing, and something I re-read all the time.

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I’ve been feeling really burned out lately so have spent the last week or so trying to do….much less. I hope you’re all taking care of yourself and I’ll be in your inbox with my heart-brain soon enough. Much love.