Here is endless manicure inspiration for you - tip your manicurist heavily though!

February 2023

Featuring a RECIPE, a brief pivot I hope you'll permit me.

December 2022

Did I intentionally avoid sending this out during the Black Friday email deluge? Yes!

October 2022

Deeply no, but we are trying the best we can.

September 2022

Spoiler: do what the spirit moves you to do, we are all dying anyway!

August 2022

Lately I’ve been spring (summer? pre-fall?) cleaning and consequently getting rid of a lot of boxes and recyclables, so consumerism is at front of mind…
Hello! Trying something new today - now that Substack has finally integrated Tiktok properly onto this platform. I want to talk to you a little about…

July 2022

Feel free to tab them all and read when you should be doing other work today, that's what I do
and maybe I am unwilling to try??

June 2022

hello again friend

April 2022

sorry i mention derrida

February 2022

Feat an at-home facial breakdown with diff product recommendations depending on pricepoint.